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Engr. Lucio G. Dimayuga II,
Chief Software Architect

With their hefty price tags, today's standalone point of sale systems are beyond reach of small business owners. On the other hand, most computer-based point of sale systems are too complicated that only few bother to utilize them even if they could use them for free.

Based on these observations, I embarked into this project of providing business owners a point of sale system that they and their employees could easily use and understand. But without the heavy price tag. How I could be sure that they would love my product? Because I am a business owner myself.

I've been engaged in various types of business for the last 22 years. Actually, those are the formal ones. I've been doing business since childhood; then selling ordinary items like banana crackers, and even bizarre products like fighting spiders. I think I have an enormous entrepreneurial gene, that although I finished Civil Engineering in college (and cum laude at that), I exchanged my diploma, medal, and Board certificate for DTI (Department of Trade) certifications and Mayor's permits.

On the technology side, I pride myself in being a seasoned database programmer with experiences that span 16 years. I have written various programs in dBase III Plus for my own businesses. These programs help me survive the tides of economic crises that continue to hit our country because of the tremendous advantages I get from using them. Although many people noticed this, and requested me to create similar programs for them, I did not readily decide to produce software for commercial distribution. The greatest obstacle then was software piracy.

A series of events, however, changed that. So just three years ago, I established a new company - DMS Virtual iSolutions - that would produce new and innovative software products based on many years of experience in business management and database programming.

DMS Point of Sale 2.0 is a software that I myself would love to use in my own business. You would find that it is entirely different from point of sale systems that you already know because of these reasons: 1) it is DOS-based; 2) it is written in Foxpro 2.6; 3) it conforms to a new computer-based accounting system that no longer uses journals and ledgers; and 4) its size is enormous because it was designed to automate routine processes that you do manually in other systems.

DMS Point of Sale 2.0 is DOS-based, so it is easy to use and understand. In my own business, my managers are not college graduates, yet it only take them a few minutes to learn how to use my programs. They are able to accomplish more than other professionals who are not similarly equipped. Our programs make our data processing faster, require less storage space for our data, and do not compel us to invest heavily in computer hardware.

DMS Point of Sale 2.0 is written in Foxpro 2.6, an old programming language that is not as popular as the new object-oriented relational database programming languages. Nevertheless, Foxpro has great potentials that we could tap when we stretch it to its limits. While creating the software, detractors asked me why I favor it over the more recent programming languages. My answer was, and still is, the same with those who keep on using COBOL. It 's not age, but usefulness that matters. COBOL is indeed much older than Foxpro 2.6, but it is still the most widely used programming language in the world today.

The software conforms to our new accounting system that no longer uses journals or ledgers. In other words, it does away with the concept of double-entry bookkeeping that was developed when computer was not yet around. The new approach simplifies the accounting process, and makes timely, accurate, and crucial information readily available.

Finally, the size of DMS Point of Sale 2.0 is enormous because it was designed to automate routine processes that you manually do in other systems. It is the only software of its kind in so many ways. It lets you back up your files without you memorizing a filename. It offers an automatic system recovery plan. And it provides a comprehensive file system for your sales and inventory records for the next 100 years!